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After religiously checking each morning for the past, oh, six days or so whether I had a gift yet, I now have two (!) gifts waiting for me at [profile] chocolatboxcomm.

One's for the rare, never before written Malazan (!!) ship I sort of stopped shipping because no one else seemed to (but! someone did nominate it for this exchange, so joke's on me) of Caladan Brood and Anomander Rake. (He's a guy entrusted by the personification of Earth with a hammer that can end All Life as We Know It when the time comes for the Big Finish; he's a guy who can turn into a dragon, wields a big-ass soul-sucking sword and lives in a moon*. Together, they fight evil empires, except sometimes when they don't, or when the empire's not that evil, actually, or when they're both off doing their own stuff.)

The other's Medivh (!) threesome porn (!) for the Warcraft movie. (Yesss! Gimme! Also, incidentally, the first ever fic for this threesome in English on the AO3, so hot damn. I'm getting spoilt!)

Guh. I've definitely switched from Team Can I Have One More Week So That I Can Maybe Finish This Treat (But Probably Not, Because Who Am I Kidding, I've Been Procrastinating For Two Weeks Already) to Team Is It Chocolate Box Yet?.

* Does this make it sound like the Malazan Book of the Fallen could have been a hilariously over-the-top anime? I kind of feel like it does, and also that Malazan would have made an excellent anime. I never, ever want to see a live action version, though.

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Jan. 24th, 2019 09:40 am
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Rewatching The Man from UNCLE movie made me want to see more of Hugh Grant, so I dusted off Music and Lyrics which made me spend a whole week looking for an opportunity to use the quote 'my face is in the butter, I give up'. (Alas. Still waiting.)

Music and Lyrics is, I should add here, a movie I find rather fun and delightful about a has-been artist who discovers the lady who temporarily does his plants is really good at writing song lyrics. By an amazing coincidence, he's also just been asked to write a song (consisting of, you guessed it, music and lyrics) by the biggest female artist of the century, whose latest hits carry such titles as 'Welcome to Booty Town' and 'Buddha's Delight'.

Naturally, after that I wanted to watch another movie with music in it, so I also rewatched Josie and the Pussycats, which sadly got 'Backdoor Lover' stuck in my head. (If the title sends your mind straight to the gutter: your mind's not wrong.)

Josie and the Pussycats, to continue the theme, is also a movie I find rather fun and delightful, about a band called (you possibly didn't guess this) The Pussycats. They get 'discovered' when a tragic 'accident' befalls boyband sensation Dujour (their latest hit: Backdoor Lover) which leaves their manager in a bit of a bind because his boss really needs a band to complete her evil plan for world domination. Luckily, he runs into Josie, Val and Melody, who have just wrapped up a concert at the local bowling alley in Riverdale.

Currently halfway through rewatching King Arthur: Legend of the Sword which is also a movie with music in it* and directed by the same guy who directed The Man from UNCLE, so this feels appropriate.

* Which is to say: it has a score. The only thing that's gotten stuck in my head thus far is Uther's Run, son!, which feels like something I've heard about six times already via dream/flashback.
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... but also haven't read anything else by Hilary Mantel, ever.

spoilers for the general outcome of the French Revolution )

I exaggerate somewhat, of course. Still, the intensity of How Robespierre Feels About Camille is what balances out the book's ending for me, and I kind of suspect none of Hilary Mantel's other books would hit that (for me) perfect balance, meaning they'd either (1) make me cry or (2) not make me cry. They basically can't win, so when I crave some Mantel-esque prose, I just hit up APoGS for a rererereread instead of giving them a try.
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Not dead, having lots of fun and no longer at all worried about running out of canons to review before the Yuletide deadline is here.

Instead, I've started to worry about not being able to review a couple of canons before December 24th, which is entirely predictable but also part of the fun, maybe? (It beats the alternative, I guess, and it makes it easier to give up on fics that just aren't happening.)

I should also probably start working on my assignment for the Man From UNCLE movie exchange, which is due in two weeks. On the other hand, nobody else seems to have posted their ficlet yet, so continuing to procrastinate feels like a safe, everybody-else-is-doing-it-too option? (What do you mean: bad logic?)
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Who just signed up for the The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (Movie) Winter Holiday Gift Exchange 2018? I just signed up for the The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (Movie) Winter Holiday Gift Exchange 2018!

And so can you, until the 30th!

It's 500 words minimum, so it feels perfectly combine-able with [community profile] yuletide. Or uh, possibly it might be fairer to say that I like having something shiny to distract me from staring at the calendar and wondering if sign-ups are open yet. Ahem.
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Read (well, reread, but it'd been at least five years so) Jane Emerson's City of Diamond, which was great fun and I'd like to describe as 'a tragicomedy of cultures IN SPACE!', because I'm feeling fanciful. It's got a lot of characters, including but not limited to:

Spider, a small-time criminal and ghost, whose physical life has been saved by

Tal, a demon both unfamiliar with and disinclined to the social niceties practiced by humans until recommended a quaint book titled Pride and Prejudice by

Keylinn, who hails from an ancient warrior race that has sequestered itself from the rest of the universe both for its and their protection, who has no connection whatsoever to

Hartley, attractive (physically, at least), amoral, ambitious and a man with a hobby named

Willie, straight arrow, nice guy and not wildly keen on a promotion to the position of bodyguard to

Iolanthe, a young lady who's been raised on the cityship of Opal to be quiet, obedient and polite, arranged to marry

Adrian, a young man who's been raised on the cityship of Diamond to be responsible and mature and sensible and a good king, and maybe actually is one out of those (possibly two, depending on which of his advisors you talk to)

The book is rather open-ended, though (luckily, given that there's no sequel) more in the 'Let's use these last pages to set up the sequel' sense than that it ends on a cliffhanger.

Having also just reread Connie Willis's Blackout/All Clear it was fun to go from 'in the future, people will still appreciate and be able to quote Shakespeare' to 'in the future, people will still appreciate Jane Austen'. (To be honest, I think I'd prefer Austen over Shakespeare, purely for ease of reading?)

Rewatching Franklin & Bash, which is a bit like Boston Legal, except that there's two Alan Shores and more pool parties. (Also more throwing up, so it's a mixed bag.)
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I made out like a bandit, or a pirate, or a what-have-you this year:

The Racing Rats, which is 8K (!!!) of awesomeness. If any of you have read the Malazan Book of the Fallen, you should go and read this fic which is awesome and made of awesomeness, and did I mention yet that it's 8K (!!!)? (Kellanved and Dancer walk into a bar. There is no punchline.)

Dead and Breakfast, which is 4K (!!!) of assassins. Specifically, it's Han and Victoria from the RED movies. (Right now, the only comment on this is mine, and I feel a bit bad about that. I mean, assassins! A bed and breakfast at a lake with kayaks! Explosions! Why am I the only one who left a comment on this? At least three other people requested this ship, too.)

Five Times Jack Couldn’t Talk About Love, which is a full length Madness gift for Jack/David from Kings and all about how their relationship basically runs on David's stubbornness and Jack's actual ability to recognize a good thing and not quite screw it up in spite of himself.

Two bonus recs that may actually involve fandoms people know:

Arise the Sun (Rejoice!) (Ladyhawke fanart)

Hexarchate Board Game Club (Machineries of Empire cracky gen)

My recipient left a nice, all caps comment an hour or so after the collection opened, and then a day later they left another one, so I'm quite happy with what I wrote for my assignment, too. I've also managed to cross 'Get a kudos and/or comment from someone on your f-list' off my Yuletide bingo card, which always makes me happy even when I wonder if they recognized me (and felt obliged to make an effort to say something).
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By the look of it, I'm two-out-of-three for Yuletide requests (I have two gifts! and they're for different fandoms!) but there are as many as four fics tagged with one of my requested characters so ... I have five gifts? (Three of them just aren't for me, specifically.)

Gah. I'm usually busy trying to write a last-minute treat during the last week before reveals, but now that I've shaken my gifts, I just want to read them.

Rewatched S1 of Killjoys a second time - skipped the vivisection episode (it happens off-screen, but I'm a wuss), did stick around for the creepy abanoned ship episode, because it's got some cute/awesome team moments and I was feeling brave.

Hm. Haven't really read or watched anything else lately that wasn't somewhat Yuletide related, so I guess this will be a short post.

Anyone who hasn't gotten fic-or-treated yet will (hopefully/ideally) get a reply next year. Or so goes my early new year's resolution. Er.
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[community profile] monthlysupergo

misura's Door

DW username: [personal profile] misura
AO3 username: [ profile] misura

You may get: Ficlets, meta, an earnest apology and/or rain check
Please leave me: if you're feeling lucky, fandom(s) and character(s) or pairing(s) - additional prompts optional. if you're not feeling as lucky, yell 'trick or treat', and I'll take a wild stab at writing you something you might like for a fandom we have in common.

Light is on for: everyone from SuperGo, everyone in my dwircle, anyone wandering by

Fandoms, etc.: I'm giving good odds on Ant-Man (movie), Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Captive Prince, Deadpool (movie), Doctor Strange (movie), K (anime), Kings (TV), Lucifer (TV), Malazan Book of the Fallen, Now You See Me (movies), RED (movies), Warcraft (movie) and even or worse odds on anything else you know I know
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Yay, you signed up to write something in one of my rare fandoms!

In general, I tend to prefer light-hearted stories over angsty or dark ones. I like shippy fluff, but I also like characters who are very bad at saying 'I love you' by using their words, rather than er, just shooting, stabbing, or body-slamming someone, so ... in some of these cases, fluff may be in the eye of the beholder?

RED (movies) )

Warcraft (2016 )

Malazan Book of the Fallen )
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Megamind is still the only movie I've ever seen where misprounouncing a city's name carries near-fatal consequences.

It's also definitely the fluffiest, funniest portrayal of What Happens When the Bad Guy Wins. (Short answer: he has fun for a couple of days, but then ennui sets in and he mopes around, being bored, bored, bored.)

My rewatch of The West Wing has reached the fourth season, and I've realized that I really, really ship Sam and Ainsley, even though it would probably never work out. (Also: Toby/Sam. And maybe Josh/Sam, although that's more a case of 'well, they're old friends and both fun characters, so why not?'.)

It's fun to see the guest stars, though - thus far, I've spotted Gibbs from NCIS, Sarah Ross from RED and Agent Coulson from the MCU. (He's an agent on TWW, too. Of course.) Also: Ian McShane, who I don't think of as any specific character, but just as ... Ian McShane?

My copy of Connie Willis's latest novel Crosstalk arrived some days ago. Looking forwards to reading it, although it might be another couple of months.
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Tinkered with Tumblr for a bit, which seems good for finding stuff, but less good for actually talking to people? I like that you can follow searches/tags, though, because it means you can just, well, do that, instead of hunting down people who might post about that one fandom you share, but are more likely to post about the two dozen you don't.

(On the other hand, the 'I don't know this fandom, but X mentioned it and it sounds pretty cool' feels like more of a feature than a bug on DW/LJ? So ... I don't know.)

I watched Pride and Prejudice and Zombies this weekend, which was possibly a mistake because I don't like either zombie movies or Jane Austen novels. (Um. I tried Northanger Abbey once, years and years ago, but it wasn't my thing and I never tried again, after) but it had Douglas Booth in it, whom I wanted to see in something else after Jupiter Ascending (as one does?) and, well, he was in this?

The zombies left me only a little bit afraid to leave the house while it's still dark out, so that was good. The romance didn't work for me, which was less good. It's just - spoilers )

So now I'm comforting myself with Georgette Heyer's The Grand Sophy and a rewatch of The Man From UNCLE (movie). (Well, Illya and Napoleon have something at first sight, anyway. Although it's really the Gaby-Illya that gets me every time.)
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Rather Nots: complete AU, comicverse (I've only seen the movie), h/c, major character death, non-con

Yes Pleases: 5+1 times, curtain fic, domestic, shipfic, silliness, teamfic, threesomes/moresomes, vignettes

I love this movie and the fact that there is an actual fanworks exchange for it fills me with glee. I mostly ship Cougar/Jensen and Clay/Roque(/Aisha), as well as, more generally, Jensen/Geekery, Clay/Homicidal Romantic Partners, Pooch/Vehicles and Wade/Henchmanning for Fun and Profit, but I'd love to read about any ship within the team you feel inclined to write, and outside the team also maybe Max/Wade or Wade/Pooch(/Jolene) back in the day? It's implied they've met before and know each other well enough for Wade to recognize Pooch from quite some distance - how'd that happen? (The comics may delve more deeply into this - if so, feel free to ignore or incorporate at will, with the caveat that I won't be able to tell the difference.)

If you opt to write a post-movie fic, feel free to either handwave Roque's and/or Wade's death (they're somehow magically alive? works for me!) or to leave them both dead and unlamented.
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RL has been a bit crazy these past days weeks months, so my spare time's been a bit limited.

It seemed a good time to fully move to DW, although I may reconsider that within the next 30 days, like the indecisive person that I am.

Fandom-wise, I watched the first few episodes of the Nikita reboot, which I enjoyed for Maggie Q being badass and sexy. It's not enough to make me sure I want to get the rest of the series (I'm ... not really into shows where everything is Serious Business, Drama and Tragic Pasts) but we'll see.

Manga-wise, I treated myself to a reread of Ouran High School Host Club, which is still one of the most sheer fun manga I own. (This reread will be my first time reading the final volume. Ahem. Excitement mixed with 'but then it will really be over and I will not get to read new Ouran stuff ever again'?)

Bookwise, I'm wrapping up my reread of Jack McDevitt's Priscilla Hutchins series, which ... well, I really like that this is SF without any military aspect. It's strictly archaeology in space, exploring alien planets and civilizations and dealing with the bureaucracy/mundane stuff that comes with having a whole universe to explore.

And then something goes really, really wrong and we're suddenly in a slasher or disaster movie, and it's kind of cool and exciting, but also hey, I sort of liked that character and now they're dead?

And then we get to a planet where everyone's sort of polyamorous, except also 100% straight, and I'm ... a bit puzzled and wondering if the author's really that oblivious (it's less a statement of everyone being 100% straight and more a statement of 'these people have multiple sexual partners! and orgies sponsored by the local Philosophy Society!' and then only ever meeting guys appreciative of girls, and girls appreciative of guys). I like some other bits of these books, but ... this just feels weird and a little uncomfortable. (One throwaway line would have been enough! One! I'm easy!)

... Okay, maybe that bit bothered me a bit more than I thought, and I'm not actually that easy.
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Watched The Magnificent Seven (the 2016 remake) and rather enjoyed it, even if part of me was watching it as Guardians of the Galaxy in the wild west with less humor, fewer aliens and a lot more character death. I blame Chris Pratt, or possibly Joshua Faraday for being superficially somewhat alike to Peter Quill, plus the whole 'assorted folks of ill repute banding together for a greater good' thingamaplot.

Of course, when you get to 'so Goodnight and Billy are kind of like Groot and Rocket', the comparison breaks down in somewhat of a hurry.

Also wrapped up my reread of Naomi Novik's Temeraire series. I'd owned the second to last book for a while without having read it, but when my copy of League of Dragons arrived, I figured I might as well go and reread the whole series. general plot spoiler for Blood of Tyrants )
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... but happily, it's no longer the [community profile] yuletide craze, as that fic exchange is over and done with (well, except for the author reveals, but since I only wrote treats, I'm not as interested in that bit as I might have been otherwise).

Christmas was a quiet affair, which is to say: I watched Hot Fuzz, ate some delicious, easy-to-make food, watched Deadpool, at some cookies, and uh that was Christmas day?

Okay, I also read some Yuletide fic. Still no better at the Guess the Author game, even though I know several people on my f-list were signed up this year.

One of my New Year's resolutions will probably be getting the next three (?) seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on DVD - I currently only own the first one and am rather enjoying it.
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Having rewatched Ant-Man about five more times during the past week, it seems safe to say that I have developped a certain fannish fondness for it. I blame Hank Pym; Scott is a likeable enough hero, but Hank Pym is just the kind of arrogant, manipulative jerk-with-maybe-a-heart-of-gold that I tend to get attached to. (I don't think he shows up in Civil War, but hopefully he'll be in the next Ant-Man movie?)

I also rewatched Guardians of the Galaxy, which was still fun, and Jurassic World, for uh Chris Pratt related reasons? (The dinos weren't bad, either, but, look, sometimes I'm just in the mood to watch a movie because it's got a hot lead actor/actress?)

Book-wise, I finally figured out how to add my Lord Peter Wimsey books on Librarything (they didn't have an obvious ISBN on the cover, and of course it would never do to simply add another edition; that is not how you which is, of course, to say: I Librarything! I resisted the temptation to rate them all four-out-of-five stars, committing myself to a reread at some point. (It may have been ten years since my last one.)

Currently in the early pages of Elizabeth Bear's Carnival, after bouncing off of both Sharon Green's Silver Princess, Golden Knight (which did not live up to my nostalgic memory) and Jacqueline Koyanagi's Ascension (which did not live up to my possibly overly high expectations, and which I might give another try at a later date).
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[Emissaries of the Dead - Adam-Troy Castro] (2008)
A murder investigation on an artificially created space station habitat.

I'm sorry, but with a title like this, I feel comparisons to O.S. Card's Speaker for the Dead are nearly inevitable. Here, too, an outsider slowly digs into a pretty close-knit and closed-off society, and here, too, the aliens are uh aliens.

Andrea being a notorious war criminal doesn't help. Andrea being cynical, jaded, 'just here to do my job' and pretty badass when not angsting does help.

Not recommended if you're looking for rainbows and unicorns, but if you don't read a lot of SF, and are in the mood for a whodunnit IN SPACE (well, kinda), this might be a good one.

Read for: angsty first pov whodunnit in space, alien aliens, alien AI
Don't read for: comedy (absent), hope (negligible), the idea that most humans are decent at heart (they aren't)

[Rouse a Sleeping Cat - Dan Crawford] (1993)
A murder investigation in a castle full of suspects, villains and just plain awful people.

If Game of Thrones had been a black comedy and also included more murder, more sex, a child king who was actually likeable and a PG-13 rating, you might have gotten something like this, maybe? Or not.

The thing is, I loved this book. People may be awful, but they're very cheerful while also being sociopathic, homicidal and immoral, with the exception of a few sour grapes and, of course, our main character who needs to solve this one specific murder for Reasons. (She's less sociopathic, more homicidal, mostly because this is not a world where you survive by being, well, nice.)

Read for: people being awful, people being sneaky, gray and grey morality, a sort-of cute boy king who does his best and the (female) bodyguard who's the biggest badass in the castle
Don't read for: angst (absent), kind gestures (rare), romance (absurd notion)

[The Wild Hunt: Vengeance Moon - Jocelin Foxe] (1998)
A murder plot in a country full of nobles, commoners and other people.

Yup - this time, the guys doing the murdering are 'the good guys'. Kind of. They're actually a group of people who've been cursed by their loved ones and now doomed to aid those in need as members of 'the Wild Hunt' until such time as they can be redeemed by - well, that's up for debate.

I liked this one, but I didn't quite love it. (I suspect that I would have loved this as an anime or manga, because, well, thirteen guys with angsty pasts and redemptions arcs and a compulsion to help the one who summoned them? I think that I could shallowly be into that. A lot.)

Read for: small-scale politics, justified homicide, action-consequence connections, making murder plans that consist of more than 'walk, stab'
Don't read for: closure (only some characters('s pasts) get really fleshed out; others need to wait for the sequel), light-hearted romance (har, har)


I also finished Ready Player One (Ernest Cline) recently and was a bit disappointed at the lack of minor spoiler alert )


Feb. 11th, 2016 01:37 pm
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While I had assumed last weekend to be a writing weekend, instead, it apparently was a movie watching weekend.

I uh honestly can't remember the last time I watched a movie on TV, so this activity mostly boilt down to: retrieve a stack of (unsorted) DVDs, insert DVD in player, wonder why you paid money for this.

Or, you know, be pleasantly surprised at this movie you haven't watched for 5+ years actually being sort of fun, or even great.

In the spirit of positivity, I'll talk about three of the movies that I loved:

cut for length - Dodgeball, Crimson Tide and xXx (no spoilers) )
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It was a very Crusade Yuletide - I think all three people who requested Crusade received fic for it. Until reveals, I was convinced mine was written by [personal profile] alexcat, which turned out not to be the case.

(I received a lovely Galen & Gideon piece.)


Books! Specifically: rereads, as one of my New Year's Resolutions is to do more rereading and less uh reading?

- The Summer Witch, Louise Cooper (fantasy)
Plot in a nutshell: Young woman in agricultural society gets married to elderly husband and creates a fantasy love who teaches her magic.
Verdict: I appreciated that the husband was a nice guy, not interested in sex. He marries the protagonist for her company, which the protagonist finds a relief at first but then slowly grows to resent. I found myself having some mixed feelings about this bit, because on one hand, there's obviously nothing wrong with people wanting sex, but on the other hand, the way Carys's desires were expressed (and ended up ruining her life) felt a little uncomfortable to me. Possibly, that was on purpose, but then, the morale of the story is ... don't want sex? Don't want magic? Erk. Still a keeper, because I do tend to like this author, and for the better part, I did like this book.

- Our Lady of the Snow, Louise Cooper (fantasy)
Plot in a nutshell: Young woman in training as a religious sister gets married to mentally disabled prince and slowly discovers her deity may be dead.
Verdict: Dropped after the second rape in about ten pages. Erk. I don't remember these books/this author as, well, having this kind of stuff. (It doesn't help that one of the two rapists ends up forgiven by his wife/victim, and I just - no. There may have been some interesting thing here about religion and feminism, but I'm not sure if the story went there, and I didn't enjoy the book enough to find out. Dropped.

- Burning Bright, Melissa Scott (SF)
Plot in a nutshell: Political intrigues during three days of Carnival on a planet resembling Venice. Also: aliens and RPGs.
Verdict: I dreaded this reread, because on the first read (ten plus years ago), this book blew me away. An RPG that all the cool people played! Political intrigue! Aliens! People being completely casual about same-sex sex and relationships! It pushed so many of my buttons. Annnd, it still does. Not quite as many, perhaps, but I still loved this, which was more than I'd hoped for.

- Johannes Cabal the Necromancer, Jonathan L. Howard (fantasy)
Plot in a nutshell: Snarky, ill-tempered young necromancer makes a bet with the devil to win back his soul. This cannot end well.
Verdict: Cheating a little; I recently got the fourth book in this series, which seemed a good excuse to reread this one. It's probably been less than two or three years, though. Still fun, in that way some books about bad people doing bad things can be. It helps that most of his victims are not that nice, either, to put it mildly. Johannes is never actually sympathetic, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy seeing him take on abusive boyfriends, overbearing bureaucrats and, of course, the devil. The backcover blurb is kind of horrible, and if the humor isn't your cup of tea, this book will fall very, very flat. (A keeper for me, is what I'm saying, and recommended, but with the small caveat re: humor.)


Started on a rewatch of Boston Legal, of which it turns out I only own the first and third season. Hm.

Denny Crane.
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