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Rather Nots: complete AU, comicverse (I've only seen the movie), h/c, major character death, non-con

Yes Pleases: 5+1 times, curtain fic, domestic, shipfic, silliness, teamfic, threesomes/moresomes, vignettes

I love this movie and the fact that there is an actual fanworks exchange for it fills me with glee. I mostly ship Cougar/Jensen and Clay/Roque(/Aisha), as well as, more generally, Jensen/Geekery, Clay/Homicidal Romantic Partners, Pooch/Vehicles and Wade/Henchmanning for Fun and Profit, but I'd love to read about any ship within the team you feel inclined to write, and outside the team also maybe Max/Wade or Wade/Pooch(/Jolene) back in the day? It's implied they've met before and know each other well enough for Wade to recognize Pooch from quite some distance - how'd that happen? (The comics may delve more deeply into this - if so, feel free to ignore or incorporate at will, with the caveat that I won't be able to tell the difference.)

If you opt to write a post-movie fic, feel free to either handwave Roque's and/or Wade's death (they're somehow magically alive? works for me!) or to leave them both dead and unlamented.

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