Pinch hit #6

Mar. 29th, 2017 03:55 am
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This pinch hit will be due at 06:59 UTC on Weds 5th April. (Coincidentally, this is almost exactly a week and four hours from the time of this post.) As with previous pinch hits, comments are screened - you'll find out if you got it if it appears on your AO3 Assignments page. If it doesn't but you see it marked as claimed, you missed out this time, sorry.

Pinch Hit #6 - Fandoms: Goblin Emperor, Captive Prince, MCU )

[#036 | CHARLATAN] Voting Post

Mar. 27th, 2017 09:02 pm
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This was apparently a mini Whoverse round! EDIT: And as of this post, the community is at 500 entries -- great job everyone!

List of entries )

Please Note: Because we only have 3 entries this week, there is only a First Place and Runner Up to vote for!

In order to vote, please reply to this post using the form provided. All comments are screened, and entries are listed in the order they were submitted. For your vote to qualify, you must fill out your entire voting card (both spots) in order to be counted. Winner votes are worth 2 points, Runner Up votes are worth 1 point. Meeting the bonus goal on an entry gets an extra point for that submission.

When voting, please copy/paste the ENTRY NUMBER and the FIC TITLE from the list above into the spot you're voting for (this prevents accidentally mis-numbering a vote and casting it for the wrong entry). It should look like this:

First Place: 61. Fic Title Here
Runner Up: 88. Another Fic Title

Please note that you cannot vote for your own entry, and that votes cannot be made anonymously. You do not have to be a member of the community in order to vote, nor have submitted an entry for this week; everyone is welcome to participate in the voting. IP addresses are logged to prevent duplicate voting.

Voting closes Wednesday, March 29th, at 9:00PM EST.

Fandom Promotion Post

Mar. 26th, 2017 11:24 pm
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A post for sharing the small fandom love!

March Update: Full Steam Ahead!

Mar. 26th, 2017 11:09 pm
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Hello everybody!

This month we’ve been super busy preparing for April Showers that start next week and we hope you are as excited for the event as we are. April Showers is an annual event where we celebrate fannish history by spotlighting a different fandom every day of the month. If you want to participate but aren’t sure how or where to start, we prepared a short help page with a lot of useful tips!

After a feedback period, we also implemented the Japanese version of Fanlore’s image policy and purpose aimed at non-English speaking doujinshi creators. It was a true labor of love and we’re really happy it’s finally online.

In other good news, we’ve mentioned in our February Update that the Wayback Machine stopped archiving AO3 links and now we are thrilled to let you know that the problem has been solved! You can learn more about the situation here.

After we implemented the new and improved New Visitor Portal, we started working on the new revamped Main Page. After brainstorming, we came up with a new draft, which you can see here. As always, we welcome any and all feedback as we work on the details. Feel free to leave your comments in the talk page of the draft or using our contact form!

As of March 26, Fanlore has 41,353 articles, which have undergone 719,987 revisions. If you're up for doing one more, why not log in? See you on Recent Changes!

[admin post] Admin Post: Check-in #2

Mar. 26th, 2017 03:19 pm
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Hello again, everyone!

It's check-in #2 for Ante Up: The Losers Fanwork Exchange.

You have about four weeks left to create something fabulous! Fanworks should be posted to the AO3 no later than April 21, 5 a.m. ET.

So feel free to share your progress on Tumblr or comment right here on Dreamwidth.

Pinch Hit #4 – claimed!

Mar. 26th, 2017 02:41 pm
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Our first of the season. To claim, comment with your AO3 username. First come, first serve. Due Mon 24. Apr 17:00 GMT.
(We also have one left over from matching.)

claimed )

[#036] The Fraud (Doctor Who)

Mar. 25th, 2017 09:24 pm
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Theme Prompt: #036: Charlatan
Title: 'The Fraud'
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating/Warnings: G; No warnings
Bonus: Yes
Word Count: 326

Summary: I hate being me sometimes.

The Fraud )

Defaults, Checking In, and Pinch Hits

Mar. 25th, 2017 11:12 pm
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Hello, everyone! We hope the writing is going well. It’s time for some housekeeping and general reminders.

First, the no-penalty default deadline is in about one week: 1 April at 11:59 PM, EST. There’s a countdown here.

Second, on 2 April, we’ll open a post here for the mandatory check-in. By 8 April, you must leave a simple comment on that post to let us know you’re still committed to the exchange. Anyone who doesn’t comment will be defaulted automatically at the end of the check-in period.

If you’ll be unable to check in with us during that time, please contact us in advance at

Third, a quick reminder that if you’re looking for a beta or cheerleader, or you’re interested in beta-reading or cheerleading for someone else, the beta post is here.

And, finally, a huge thank-you to our pinch hitters! We have two pinch hits outstanding. You can check them out and sign up at this post.
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Theme Prompt: #036 Charlatan
Title: All you need is love
Fandom: Torchwood
Rating/Warnings: PG
Bonus: No
Word Count: 1,000 words
Summary: The boys may have bitten off more than they can chew this time.

All you need is love )

One week to go

Mar. 25th, 2017 07:42 am
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Works are due in just under a week from the time of this post.

If you think you might need an extension, please email me at - I would very strongly prefer to be pleasantly surprised when people turn out not to need them, rather than the other way around.

Existing pinch hits (many thanks to those who picked them up) have the same due date as other works. Any new pinch hits which arise between now and 1st April will have a later due date of 06:59 UTC on Weds 5th April.

I am aware of the ongoing issue with posting works to AO3 being difficult. If you do encounter significant problems with uploading your completed work, please get in touch.

If anyone's interested, of the 18 works already in the collection, 13 are completed assignments and five are treats.
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Theme Prompt: [#036] - Charlatan
Title: London Assignment
Fandom: Doctor Who/Torchwood
Rating/Warnings: G / None.
Bonus: Maybe? I’m not terribly good at paragraphs, but I have six sections…
Word Count: 859
Summary: Tosh has to take Owen’s place on an assignment in London, which means passing herself off as a medical doctor… (Doctor Who – Aliens of London).

London Assignment... )
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FKFicFest 2017 banner with 3 season cast photos

FKFicFest AO3 Collection | How to sign up | Where to sign up

Have you been waiting for the last minute to sign up? It's tonight (11:59 PM Pacific, Friday, March 24)! Come play with us?

Pinch Hits #9 - #10!

Mar. 24th, 2017 06:00 am
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We have two new pinch hits! If you are able to pick them up, please comment to this post with your AO3 name and which one you are after. All comments are screened!

Hetalia, Star Wars Original Trilogy, Dollhouse, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Original Work - CLAIMED )

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Legends of Tomorrow, Stargate Atlantis, Dark Angel, Crossover Fandom, Teen Wolf, Sanctuary )
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