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Just finished the Westmark trilogy, written by Lloyd Alexander, whom some of you may know as the author of the Chronicles of Prydain (with Taran and Eilonwy and a prophesying pig?) or possibly as the author of, well, the Westmark trilogy. I think that one's a little more obscure, though?

I was a bit surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Unlike the Prydain books, Westmark has no magic and no talking pigs - although it does have a princess and a printer's 'devil', who fairly quickly turns to a far more exciting career as a wanted fugitive.

Things get pretty grim on several occasions (the main character looks at his hands at one point and realizes that dark brown stuff caked under them is blood). Never too explicitly so, given that this is, after all, intended for young adults (which I admit I hadn't quite realized was a thing already in 1981) but it turns out you can imply a whole lot of terrible, gruesome and/or just plain sad things if you choose your words and images well.

By way of a blast from the (slightly more recent) past, I also picked up the first season of Sports Night, which is fun and also probably a terrible influence on my idea of what conversations go like.

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