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Last time when I moved, which was less than a year ago, I packed all of my books. It didn't matter that I hadn't read or even looked at some of them for years; they were my books, and I was going to take them with me everywhere.

This time, I feel ... a lot less strongly. I'm not sure why - it's tempting to say I've 'grown up' (ha!) or 'become less attached to earthly possessions' (er, no) but I guess I like to look at it as hm, a mix of laziness ('I don't want to pack all of this stuff ... again') and practicality ('well, I haven't wanted to read these books during the past five to ten years, so it's unlikely I'm actually going to miss them')?

And so my mission, for the next three weeks, which I have chosen to accept, will be: cleaning out the book collection.

(Also: post to DW/LJ a little more often, which seems like a goal that could conveniently tie in with 'reading* lots of books and deciding whether to keep them or not'.)

* Well, just the first twenty pages or so. If I want more, I know it's a keeper and I'll put it down for later. This cannot possibly go wrong! My self control will be iron! Ahem.

Unrelated: I've just finished watching the second season of Defiance. Has anybody by any chance watched the third season when it was on? (From Wikipedia, I gather it's the last?)

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