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Hurray, you signed up for one of my fandoms!

If you already know what you want to write based on my sign-up, feel free to skip this letter. Mostly, I'll squee at you about what I like about these fandoms, with some random ideas for stories mixed in.

Generally speaking, I prefer characters living over characters dying, people getting (or staying) together over people parting ways, and people being (or becoming) happy over people being sad.

Rating-wise, do as you wish, although I'd prefer for you not to go overboard with the violence/gore. (Sex, on the other hand, I have absolutely no problem with. ~_^)

"A beet is sweet but a gourd is adored."
.hack//Legend of Twilight
Balmung & Reki
I love Reki and Balmung, and their relationship both with each other and with The World. Both of them take their job very seriously (er, for a given value of 'serious' in Balmung's case) and I'd just love to see more of these two. Slash welcome.

[profile] misskalloway recently rekindled my love for these two so in a way, this is my 'golden oldie' request. I've owned the manga for what feels like years and years, and while I loved seeing Shugo and Rena adventure around, Balmung and Reki were (and, I guess, are) the ones I wanted more of. I love that Balmung truly cares about The World even if it seems like he spends more time slacking off and thinking up 'special events' than working in the more traditional sense of the word - and I love that Reki understands and accepts this ... up to a point, because Reki is many things, but 'a doormat' isn't one of them. I love their loyalty to each other and The World, even if I felt the manga showed a lot more of Reki's loyalty to Balmung than vice versa - which is fair enough, I guess, given that Balmung's far more prone to getting into trouble with their higher-ups.

If you're looking for more specific prompts:
- slice-of-life fic for these two, รก la 'just another day at the office' (which is to say crazy shenanigans and/or very special special events abound)
- a Winter Holiday Celebration in The World and/or a Christmas party at the office ... which neither of them attends, probably, but what do they do instead?
- Balmung demonstrating his affection/loyalty/friendship to Reki (hijinks and/or exasperated co-workers might ensue, depending on how serious he takes this)

"I'm sorry, was that a situation where I was least wanted or most needed?"
Matthew Gideon & Galen
I very much enjoy the dynamics between these two and would love something slashy here - as subtly implied and borderline platonic or explicit as you want to make it. The whole 'I saved your life so now I have to keep on doing so' on Galen's side mixed with 'you always show up when you're least wanted and most needed' on Gideon's side just pushes so many of buttons. Involve other crew members as you wish.

So er, I love my Galen enigmatic and protective and my Gideon snarky (but not unaware of Galen's usefulness)? And I know, on some level, there's more to these two than that, especially on Galen's side, but canon never explicitly went there, so I'd prefer you didn't either. Feel free to have some fun with SF tropes here - maybe they get accidentally married or need to navigate some tricky alien customs - or to opt for something a bit more serious. This is definitely a fandom where h/c would not be unwelcome, although if you go there, I would prefer Gideon to get hurt (or threatened) and for Galen to swoop in for a rescue and some comfort. (Possibly by belittling Gideon's intelligence, but eh. Whatever works to get Gideon up and at 'em again.)

There's some lovely (and lengthy) Gideon/Galen fic at the AO3 already, but er, I'm greedy?

"Get me a gun that really, really hurts."
RED (movies)
Han Cho Bai
Give me Han being a snarky, badass assassin and I'll be overjoyed. Pre-movie, post-movie, single or paired off with another character - it's all awesome. I would only prefer not to receive fic set solely (or mostly) during his time in prison. Ship as you wish, or keep it gen.

I was going to say 'I prefer fic where Han is already a top assassin', but then I realized that a fic where, say, Han and Frank work together as spies to foil the Russians (or Han and Victoria, or Han and Ivan, to foil the Americans) would not be at all unwelcome. Or maybe the story of how Han sets up his organization - how do you interview people for a PA position when you're an international killer for hire? (Assuming Serena is, in fact, a PA.) Or of how he bought his plane, or how he bought a new one, post-movie.

Two years ago (?) there was some awesome Han/Victoria fic in Yuletide, and I would certainly not be averse to getting more of that. However, if you want to write Han/Frank/Sarah? Han/Marvin? Han/not!really!dead!Katya? Go for it! Or keep him single and emotionally attached to planes and 'ridiculous cars'. *g*
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